High Pressure Capsules

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•ƒƒ Compact size for optimum luminaire design
ƒƒ• Dimmable using a suitable dimmer for operation with a transformer
ƒƒ• Constant light output throughout lamp life
ƒƒ• Recommended for use in enclosed luminaires
ƒƒ• 6V/10W and 24V/100W lamps are ‘transverse’ filament design
•ƒƒ Interior display, shop windows, restaurants and night club lighting
ƒƒ• Precision task lighting


Interior display
Shop windows
Nightclub lighting
Precision task lighting


Item code Item Description Nominal Lamp Wattage Nominal Lamp Voltage Lamp Base Colour Temperature (K) Luminous Flux
800033 6V/10W 10W 6V G4 2900K 160Lm
521994 12V/75W 75W 12V GY6.35 2900K 1600Lm
521995 12V/100W 100W 12V GY6.35 2900K 2300Lm
155030D 24W/100W 100W 24V GY6.35 2900K 2300Lm
222410X 12V/10W PLUS 10W 12V G4 2800K 120Lm
222420X 12V/20W PLUS 20W 12V G4 2800K 300Lm
222460X 12V/35W G4 PLUS 35W 12V G4 2800K 600Lm
210210X 12V/35W PLUS 35W 12V GY6.35 2800K 600Lm
210220X 12V/50W PLUS 50W 12V GY6.35 2800K 900Lm